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Unshackling Guardians Ad Litem from the Constraints of Florida’s Hearsay Rule

Commentators, courts and state legislatures have reached an almost universal consensus recognizing the pivotal role played by Guardians Ad Litem (“GALs”) in the administration of justice by protecting vulnerable children. The GAL’s role has been alternatively described by the courts … Continue reading

The Role of a Guardian Ad Litem

A Guardian Ad Litem can greatly assist the Court and the Family in high-conflict family cases. It is important for the parties and their respective counsel to understand the role of a Guardian Ad Litem, and it is equally important … Continue reading

Legal Protection for Cohabiting Couples – The Law and Living Together

It is becoming increasingly more common for couples to combine their residence, finances, property and day-to-day lives without getting married. Continue reading… Legal Protection for Cohabiting Couples – The Law and Living Together.

Through the Eyes of a Child: Impact and Measures to Protect Children in High-conflict Family Law Litigation

A lawyer confidently strides into the courthouse. To the client, it is like being wheeled into the operating room for the removal of cancer. Fear, gut-wrenching uncertainty and ignorance control the client’s emotions, as he or she realizes that his … Continue reading